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Adam Stockl

Personal Training Director

Adam Stockl is a recognized and praised fitness professional in the tri-state area. With more than a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, Adam Stockl has become a recognized expert in his field.

Known for his exceptional interpersonal skills and motivation, Adam has helped both clients and team members develop and grow both professionally and personally. He has created and implemented health and wellness initiative programs and clinics to drive new revenue all while changing the lives of people around him.

Adam Stockl began his fitness career with his own private training company, PureFit. Under his training company, Stockl increased his total invoice from $7,051 to $24,608 in just 5 months. Upon starting a new venture with Evolve Performance, Adam managed to exceed his previous retention rate, achieving 100%. He later moved on from Evolve and began working for RWJ Fitness and Wellness Center of New Brunswick, New Jersey. As the Fitness Manager, Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, Adam designed personalized training plans customized to fit each of his client’s goals and abilities. He also regularly conducted initial anthropometric and fitness assessments to determine his client’s baseline level of fitness. While working under the RWJ Fitness and Wellness Center name, Stockl successfully maintained a 96% client retention rate, compared to the 72% club average.

After working in New Brunswick for over 4 years, Adam accepted a position at Tilton Fitness in Hazlet, New Jersey. As their Fitness Director, Stockl was responsible for 18 trainers and hundreds of clients. Managing over $35,000 in monthly revenue, Adam hit his revenue goal in just two short months after 3 years of underperforming sales. As their Fitness Director, Adam Stockl surpassed company goals and expectations time and time again. He consistently maintained the top three rankings in sales and retention out of all the clubs in the Tilton Fitness network.

Today, Adama Stockl continues to leverage his experience and unparalleled knowledge as the Personal Training Director at Crunch Fitness. Adam is committed to not only driving sales for the company but helping both his employees and clients achieve their ultimate life goals. Both a leader and team player, Stockl has been a valuable asset to every organization throughout his professional years. Overseeing daily operations, monitoring personal trainer performance, member retention and revenue goals Adam ensures every sector of his business is operating at a maximum potential at all times. Stockl is a powerhouse in every aspect of his life and hopes to help others achieve that sense of determination and empowerment for years to come.

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